ANTONELLO TEDDE - Luxury Eco_Conscious Sustainable Fashion - Complimentary shipping (UK - US - Canada).

                     by Antonello Tedde

Luxury fabrics combined with handwoven trims carefully selected by Antonello Tedde

Jaquard fabrics with handwoven trims

Clothing with handwoven details

                          Home Collection

ANTOTE by Antonello Tedde - sustainable and ethical fashion

ANTOTE eco - sustainable ethical products combine local craftsmanship with  best global sustainable conscious design for the quality seeking customer.

Conceived through a close relationship between designer and maker, ANTOTE offers contemporary pieces that enhance the well-being of both makers and users. Objects are handcrafted in their traditional environments using techniques that are internationally acknowledged through the ANTOTE  label, beginning the journey in Sardinia – Italy.

Antonello Tedde with a team of designers and experienced interior architects assist ANTOTE’s customers with the selection and context-sensitive placement in retail, hospitality or home.

The discovery and preservation of local skills and tradition through design is at the core of ANTOTE’s sustainable and ethical products