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Flawless workmanship

Antonello Tedde's fashion is in tune with the global world of creativity, made with exceptional sustainable material, flawless workmanship and stylistic choices that are never excessive.


The CAPRICCIOLI luxury tote bag is the star of Antonello Tedde's collections. This core style was introduced during PARIS Fashion Week in 2011 to celebrate the Sardinian weaving technique PIBIONES (knots or grains).

Capriccioli luxury tote

Antonello Tedde is eager to develop perpetual trends. This implies enduring existence often through constant renewal in adding new elements to a style in changing times, to personalise, update and make it more fashionable.

Capriccioli medium tote handwoven with cotton, this is coloured with REACH compliant dyes.

Passionate about contrasts

Antonello Tedde is passionate on working with different contrasts, but without letting one win out over the other. Actually, bringing them together to obtain a harmonious aesthetic for season-less fashion accessories.

Warm tones.

Burgundy Melange warm tones inspired by the Sardinian vegetation is exclusively blended for Antonello Tedde bags. The burgundy is mixed with yellow, warm blue and grey,