A return to calmness

A return to calmness

I can feel that in the current mood there is a return to simplicity of the motifs and colours become lighter, almost absent. Could it be that we are returning to anonymity?
The patterns in the next seasons will become subdued, playing with opposites and contrasts in a meaningful way, based on sustainability and ethically made products.
Fashion will undoubtedly calm down, the season will have no extremes but plenty of different approaches and inspirational values, for instance:

• Delicate colour combinations of handwoven fabrics that are even more eco-conscious and sophisticated.

• The come-back of prints repeat with special focus on geometry and architectural motifs as well as combinations of lines or circles

• Futurists aspects interpreted in a poetic way

• Flowing and loose but still body-conscious silhouettes with light fabrics

• References of historic, ethnic and heritage design inspiration but converted for today in a contemporary way.

The trends will focus on ways of making plain fabrics more vibrant and concentrate on bi-colour abandoning the desire for vibrant prints of the past seasons.  


References to: 

  • sustainable fashion 
  • ethical production 
  • season trends
  • poetic trends 
  • fashion anonymity
  • fashion fabric trends 
  • architectural style 
  • calm fashion cycle
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