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Antonello Tedde _ luxury eco-conscious fashion - based in London UK


Antonello Tedde is based in London UK where he designs the collections.

Antonello ’s interest in luxury fashion, retail and product development, dates back to his economics degree in Italy, where he begun to concentrate the research for his dissertation on luxury fashion. This led him logically to pursue a career in Retail and Production for the Luxury Fashion Industry.

When studying at the London College of Fashion, he had the opportunity to be exposed to the full range of fashion and retail courses, all of which tended to reinforce and focus his intense interest in fashion.

From this experience, researching into the old weaving techniques and visiting Sardinian weaving workshops, he started to develop a range of handbags with locally made fabrics.

Antonello pays tribute

Antonello Tedde pays tribute to the best of Italian eco luxury fabric choices.

Trialing authentic world hand weaving methods in ethically managed factories, the collection of accessories are handcrafted by a handpicked group of leading handbag manufacturers in Italy.


Antonello Tedde is based in London UK where he designs the collections .

Antonello Tedde pays tribute to the best of Italian eco luxury fabric choices.

His aim is to preserve and advance ancient craft skills that are at risk of disappearing.

Antonello Tedde - The journey into fashion

Antonello grew up in a little village Sardinian village. Can you imagine a trip further afield, from here to London, where he lives live and work?

Not just kilometres, airplanes, trains, subways, but a constant and somehow schizophrenic feeling of living on the edge of time, between past and present.

Not because Sardinia lives in the past, but because it is the Sardinia of the past that he absorbed, listened to, learned, and he transfers it into his work.

Antonello Tedde. Eco-conscious fashion

Antonello Tedde luxury eco-conscious fashion ranges are designed in London - UK and hand crafted in Sardinia- Italy.



Materials and production processes are carefully selected to offer you the most exclusive eco-luxuries.

Manufacturing techniques. Most of fabrics used are hand produced on traditional looms, this tend to use less energy. Every factory and workshop has a few fabrics on display, weaving is generally done to order. As well as the classical styles, fabrics can be done in any design and in any colour a client submits.

Local natural wool

Local natural wool . These fibres come from organic farmed sheep  (conventional farming is a huge consumer of non-renewable fossil fuels. Sardinian farmers have been using organic farming for generations, this tend to use less energy).

Wools dyed locally with Sardinian plants. Antonello Tedde exclusive 'luxury eco' line of accessories also uses sustainable yarns made with Sardinian sheep wool dyed locally with Sardinian plants.

Regenerated Cotton. Hand-woven recycled and regenerated cotton yarns are also widely used in the Antonello collections.

Dyes used - all our suppliers are REACH compliant. The REACH regulation was introduced from the  European Union to abolish the use of  toxic chemical.

Our loom - where the finest fabrics are woven by hand

Shedding light on Italian textiles and putting localised Italian handiwork and the importance of its preservation back on the map, the designer prides himself on only working with Italian experts in fashion manufacturing and ultimately bringing Sardinian production methods back into the global consciousness.

Most of the processes are manual

Researching into the old weaving techniques and visiting Sardinian weaving workshops, Antonello Tedde has developed a range of homeware with the fabrics his grandmother and his mother used. Most of these products are made with the technique of knot or grain work known as "pibiones". Mostly used by Sardinian weavers. 

Interesting Ways

Antonello Tedde is very much about having a sense of proportion and being able to put things together in an new and interesting way.

The art of weaving

Weaving is a beautiful art, which creates memories that can
be passed down from generation to generation.

The individuality

Fashion is returning to the idea of craftsmanship and individuality.  Knowing where the item is made helps to emphasise its luxury status.