Sustainability Meets Style. Who says you must compromise on style for sustainability? Our collection showcases the perfect fusion of quality, contemporary trends and eco-conscious choices, giving you the best of both worlds. Step into a world where each product redefines what it means to be eco-friendly and luxurious.
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Antonello Tedde's fashion hand crafted in Sardinia- Italy.

Eco-conscious fashion.

Immerse yourself in the world of Antonello Tedde's opulent eco-conscious fashion. From their London design studio to the skilled artisans in Sardinia, Italy, every piece is meticulously crafted using traditional techniques to ensure unrivaled quality and sustainability.

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Antonello Tedde carefully selects materials and production processes.

Most exclusive eco-luxuries.

The majority of our fabrics are meticulously crafted using traditional looms, thereby minimizing energy consumption. Each of our factories and workshops features a selection of fabric samples for customers to browse, and weaving is typically carried out upon receiving orders. In addition to the classical styles, we have the ability to produce fabrics in any design or color provided by our clients.

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Antonello Tedde uses natural wools.

Local natural wool

These fibres come from organic farmed sheep (conventional farming is a huge consumer of non-renewable fossil fuels. Sardinian farmers have been using organic farming for generations, this tend to use less energy). Wools dyed locally with Sardinian plants.

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Antonello Tedde exclusive 'luxury eco' line of accessories

Sustainable yarns

Regenerated Cotton:
Hand-woven recycled and regenerated cotton yarns are also widely used in the Antonello collections.
Dyes used are REACH compliant. The REACH regulation was introduced from the European Union to abolish the use of toxic chemical.

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Antonello Tedde's ancient looms

Global consciousness

Highlighting Italian textiles and emphasizing the significance of preserving local Italian craftsmanship, the designer takes pride in collaborating exclusively with fashion manufacturing experts from Italy and reviving awareness of Sardinian production techniques worldwide.

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Most of the processes are manual

Researching into the old weaving techniques and visiting Sardinian weaving workshops, Antonello Tedde has developed a range of homeware with the fabrics his grandmother and his mother used. Most of these products are made with the technique of knot or grain work known as "pibiones". Mostly used by Sardinian weavers. 

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