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Antonello Tedde's Vision of an Eco-friendly Lifestyle

In the vast tapestry of fashion, where creativity meets craftsmanship, I've always endeavoured to weave sustainability into the very fabric of my designs. My journey in fashion has not merely been about creating beautiful pieces but ensuring that these pieces tell a story of responsibility, care, and love for our planet.

Combining skilful artistry with ethical responsibility.

Drawing from the rich traditions of Sardinian weavers and Italian mills, I have curated  bags crafted from eco-friendly yarns. Each tells a story of Italian heritage intertwined with a commitment to sustainability.

Advocating for sustainable choices. My designs have always celebrated materials like natural organic wool, dyed with nature's palette and enriched with recycled elements. This isn't just fashion; it's fashion with a purpose.

Emphasising gentle care. To preserve our garments' natural beauty and longevity, I recommend fewer washing cycles. This approach not only conserves water but also cherishes the fabric's essence.

Celebrating local beauty. Just as my designs encapsulate local craftsmanship, I find relief in using public transport and bicycles, reducing our carbon footprint and embracing the scenic beauty around us.

Nature gives, and we give back. As natural fabrics grace my collections, it's only fitting that we return the favour. Composting is my way of nurturing the very earth that gifts us these exquisite materials.

Relishing local produce. Drawing inspiration from local artisans, I cherish fresh, locally sourced produce, a small step towards reducing our collective carbon footprint and celebrating local craftsmanship.

My garden, my muse. Each plant in my garden is a testament to nature's marvels, ensuring a future where organic materials continue to inspire and shape fashion.

Sustainable living and designing. Every aspect of life, including our homes and studios, should echo sustainability. My vision is for fashion production to have minimal impact on the Earth through the use of energy-efficient methods.

Prolonging the life of fashion. Each garment or accessory has its own story. Instead of discarding them, I advocate for recycling, letting these stories find new narrators and new horizons.

Timeless elegance in reusability. For me, a reusable water bottle isn't just an accessory; it's a symbol. It stands for a global shift towards enduring values and away from transient trends.

Fashion, in its true essence, should reflect not just personal style but personal values. My vision as Antonello Tedde has always been to craft pieces that resonate with both the heart and the Earth. In every thread, every hue, and every design, I see an opportunity to fashion a world that's not only more beautiful but also more caring.

Let's embark on this sustainable journey together.

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