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Quality? Is not an opinion.

What is my opinion of quality?

Quality is a balance of classic styles, with traditional references such as shape, material, workmanship, details and finishes. Not only but also unique, extraordinary and it evokes  culture elements with a contemporary touch, with focus on details such as colour, and material that are sophisticated, sustainable and eco-conscious. Don't involve the use of harmful chemicals and bleaches, and are made by people earning fair wages in healthy working conditions.


In brief:

  • Quality - what is quality? 
  • Definition of quality
  • Balance of classic styles with traditional references 
  • Eco conscious material and sustainable 
  • Evokes culture elements
  • Unique - not a replica nor a copycat
  • Focus on colour 
  • Using sustainable processes 
  • Not using harmful chemicals and bleaches 
  • Eco-friendly or recycled production 
  • Fair wages 
  • Healthy conditions 


Wooden loom and manual processes - handwoven  made in Italy by hand • timeless individualistic fashion • eco-friendly fashion • socially responsible, lasting fashion,