ANTONELLO TEDDE - Luxury Eco_Conscious Sustainable Fashion - Complimentary shipping (UK - US - Canada).

Tradition and experiences.

My collections express the love for Sardinian traditions and the experiences
I had and stored away from places where I've lived or visited. With focus
on histories, traditions. Experimenting with innovative shapes and natural
sustainable fabrics, the choice of materials always refers to the past, at
traditional eco-conscious fabrics. This is my personal view of fashion. 


antonello tedde capriccioli tote rombetti handwoven

  • Ethically produced handbags
  • Sustainable purses
  • Handwoven clutches 
  • Fashion designer conceptual design
  • Innovative trends and designer view
  • Trend history and traditions
  • Eco-conscious fabrics 
  • luxury ethical handbags and clothes 
  • craftsmen creations