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  • Minimal conceptual design

    The mixing of minimal conceptual design with interesting textures, using sustainable fabrics produced locally on ancient wooden looms with REACH co...
  • Timeless collections

    The philosophy of my brand is to offer timeless collections with understated contemporary minimalism and yet highly refined desirable products. Con...
  • Quality? Is not an opinion.

    What is my opinion of quality? Quality is a balance of classic styles, with traditional references such as shape, material, workmanship, details an...
  • Valuable craftsman's technique

     While living in Sardinia, I absorbed every detail, every colour, every shape, and every valuable craftsman's technique. Many years later, this kno...
  • Hand-loomed sustainable craftsmanship

      If hand-loomed fabrics were to disappear, it would be impossible to recreate the unique skills behind these centuries-old forms of craftsmanship...
  • Handmade products are a connection with our past

    Handmade products are a connection with our past
  • The fashion luxury dilemma. New sustainable eco friendly materials.

    The fashion luxury dilemma.
  • Handwoven fabrics. Sustainable handbags, clothes and home-wear

    Handwoven eco sustainable fabrics. Sa Faona by ANTONELLO TEDDE.