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Mariapia Rombetti - Ethically Crafted Sardinian Handwoven Cotton Bag: Sustainable Elegance with Redefined Quality in DARK TAUPE and ORANGE

Mariapia Rombetti - Ethically Crafted Sardinian Handwoven Cotton Bag: Sustainable Elegance with Redefined Quality in DARK TAUPE and ORANGE

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Mariapia is a stunning beach located in Alghero, Sardinia.

This Antonello Tedde tote is made using hand-woven fabrics and hand-made stitching, which suggests a high level of attention to detail and quality. The fact that it's made of regenerated 100% cotton is a great sustainable feature, as it indicates that the material used is environmentally friendly.

The bag is fully lined and equipped with two practical inner pockets in a grey tone, adding functionality and aesthetic appeal. Including pockets is a practical choice; it helps organise and separate items within the bag.

The magnet fastening is a convenient and secure way to close the bag. This ensures that your belongings stay safe while providing easy access when needed.

What's particularly interesting is that the bag is made using authentic Sardinian hand-weaving methods. This not only highlights the cultural aspect of the product but also signifies a dedication to traditional craftsmanship. Additionally, the ethical management of factories speaks to a commitment to fair labour practices and responsible production.

The bag's suitability for a woman's everyday essentials is crucial, as it suggests that it is designed to be functional and practical for daily use. Overall, this bag offers a blend of sustainability, craftsmanship, and usability, making it an appealing choice for those who value these qualities in their accessories.

Fabric Content and Size

Can be held, worn over the arm or shoulder

- Length 38 cm - 14.9 inches
- Depth 30 cm - 11.8 inches
- Width 2 cm - 0.8

- Handle drop 18 cm/ 7.08 inches - Handle total 50cm/7.87 inches


MAIN FABRIC 100% Cotton fully lined with an internal pocket in 100% Cotton _ Woven

Origin Fabric: HAND-MADE in SARDINIA Italy - Item Made in Italy

Dust Bag included with branding

Fabric Care

Dry Clean Only

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